Your project

Our approach to your project can be defined through six interlocking processes described below:

Objectives: constraints and opportunities

The brief is the initial stage of understanding the design intention which explores the way in which one lives and works through architecture. Possible constraints could include council regulations, prevailing winds or those specific to the site and surrounding area etc.  Opportunities relate to views and optimal orientation to capture sunlight effectively. All these are assimilated to create a written brief which captures these discussions. Each brief is studied, elaborated and revised.


Functionality is required within each space and across spaces to create proper flow. Service and technical requirements are becoming an exceptionally onerous aspect of most projects. This frequently requires the co-ordination of numerous professionals.

Financial constraints

Each project has particular financial expectations. It is essential to establish the exact expectation, whether the resale value is of paramount importance or the building itself is required to generate an income.  At the project inception it is important to understand the client’s financial requirements. Regular financial reviews are paramount in order to continually asses the financial status in relation to the project expectations.

The Monarch

Libi Towers

Ghana Residence

Technically competent

Although a comprehensive brief is captured it is essential to realise that a competent building requires the assimilation of materials to be technically sound. This includes structural integrity and service functionality.

Team work

Teamwork is often overlooked as an aspect of architecture. Design is not static and excellent design is frequently an eclectic process of creative ideas and functional processes. As architects we rely on our clients and the professionals to be part of the process.

Creating Architecture

The last and most critical ingredient is to create a melody of the functional requirements above. The spaces above need to have elegant proportional relationships and read as a cohesive integrated scheme.